Equine & Human Sports Massage


Sophie has been massaging April regularly for the last 2 years. When she first met April she correctly identified her problem areas which matched to the problems I was finding in ridden work. Sophie will always complete a thorougher assessment each session by watching April move and through palpation. After each session April feels much looser and relaxed, she often does her own stretches as Sophie works on her! She is not the most patient of horses and Sophie is calm and quiet with her as she works. Sophie is always professional and will refer on to veterinary professionals if she feels this necessary. I have no hesitation in recommending Sophie as an excellent equine sports massage therapist.

Sian Smith (Horse owner and Human Physiotherapist).

Sophie has been working on my horses for the last 2 years now! And is great! I have horses that range in all shapes and sizes and at all levels of work, from non ridden miniatures to competition horses in hard work. She really helps them all out, whether they are just booked in for a light massage, or have their hips out of alignment, they always finish their massage looking and feeling a millions times better! She has a great way with the horses and always makes them very relaxed and happy! 100% recommend! Thanks Sophie

Katie Hamilton-Farey (Equine instructor, trainer and fitness coach).